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Links on Dashboard Page

At the top of the Dashboard page you may have circular links including the following:


To open a new blank Web Order. See Web Orders FAQs for more detail


If you have one or more Available online credit returns the link will show green. If you have a single return Available it will show how many days until it is due and clicking it will open the return. If there is more than one return Available clicking it will take you the My Returns page for you to choose a Return to open. If there are no returns Available the link will be normal color and clicking it will take you to the My Returns page. See Web Returns FAQs for more detail


To make a Web Payment. First time users will be taken through the setup process. See Web Payments FAQs for more detail.


To open the Catalogs page which includes links to catalogs and order forms (when logged in)


To open the Documents page for access to Invoices, Credit Memos, Statements and Return documents for you or accounts in your chain


To open the Promote Products page with access to product images and current promotions


To open the Grids page for your systems or those of stores in your chain


To open our Pocket Lookup program to check what items go in what locations