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Dashboard Page

Once you log in you'll land on this page which may include any of the following features depending on what you can access:

A line of quick links 

To our most popular pages and programs. See the Quick Links on the Dashboard for more info

A quick look at my orders (click on the title to go to the My Orders page for more detail)

Which shows first the last date you ordered Everyday card product. We highly recommend ordering regularly and often. It then lists all orders shipped in the last 14 days OR that are on order and scheduled to ship in the next 7 days. Click on any shipped order row to open package tracking.

My account balance (click on the title to go to the Balance page for more detail)

This will show all currently due Invoices and all Credits on your account. If the total balance is a positive number we'd like you to consider making a payment, perhaps using our Web Payments option.

My headlines (click on the title to go to the Headlines page to see all saved articles past and present)

Articles will have to do with current subjects. Click on a headline to see it's complete article. Use the back arrow to back up to the Dashboard page after reading.

My product opportunities (click on the title to go to the Product Opportunities page 

We provide some analysis on critical areas of business. See the Product Opportunities FAQs for more info 

Manage my DaySpring products (click on the title to go to the Manage page for complete listingl)

We used to all this our Merchandising Calendar but it has been expanded to provide even more insight and tips into what you should be doing with key product throughout the year.

A current promotion (click on the image to go to a special promotional page)

We have special things we focus on from time to time and we want to provide you with much need promotional materials

Service with a Smile (click on the title to go to the blog page for all entries)

 We want you to hear from the lives of some our most dedicated folks! Click on the title or Read more to see the whole post. Click on  the author's name to see posts from them.

Contact us

Giving you an additional link to our Contact Us page where you will find a number of options on connecting with us and providing feedback.