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Everything needs a place to go

We have developed detailed Grids or maps of what products go where as part of what we call Controlled Systems. These systems are groups of products where DaySpring is constantly working to provide the most up to date and fresh products to go in each location when it is ordered. For Counter cards in particular this means that the item you order may not be what you receive since we may have more up to date product to replace it.

Grids and Cross Reference Sheets

Grid is a visual representation of where each of your cards should be placed as of the last shipment of that product to your store.

Cross-Reference Sheet is a numerical list of all your cards (by product number) along with their intended corresponding locations on your fixtures.

They are specific to each store

Our systems track exactly what has been shipped to your store. Grids show was should be in your store now and mark things on order or on the last shipment. The grid legend for detail.

Check the grids for other accounts in your chain

For accounts with multiple stores in a chain we provide a drop down menu to the corporate account to pull up the documents for any account. 

PDF viewing

In order to view a PDF file you must have a PDF viewer. We recommend the Adobe Acrobat Reader available here:

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