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New Version more mobile friendly than ever!

We've tried to make our screens more simple and tailored to work well on smart phones, tablets and Ipads in addition to your computer. Now taking an order at the card rack is easier than ever!

What's new???

Below is a list of our biggest improvements.

The Ordering by Location Buttons sense your screen and appear at right OR at bottom

These buttons (A001, C032, etc,) by default will appear to the right of the ordering area. But if you have a device with a smaller screen they will move to the bottom of the page for easier access.

Use fixture buttons to work with grids that have multiple fixtures

Only one fixture's locations are now shown at one time. To switch between fixtures simply click on the corresponding fixture letter button. (C for C, etc.). Highlighter tray locations (HA01, etc.) appear at the bottom of the list of locations for the fixture they are on.

Click a location button a second time to remove it

If you click a location button by mistake you can click again and the item will be removed.

The top of the page has been simplified with less clutter

Only key fields are now showing. Click the MORE button to reveal Special Instructions, Preferences and buttons to Generate a general PO number, generate worksheets or to Clear the entire Order. The MORE button will turn to LESS and can be clicked again to hide these areas.

Place Order button that knows if you have enough in your order

We now only show a running Wholesale total at the top based on a standard 50% discount and does not include shipping costs. When you hit the minimum order amount, usually $50 dollars, the Place Order button will become active and be ready for you to click when you are done adding items.