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The Returns Page

The link at the top of the page marked Web Returns

This opens the Web Returns Page. It has a history of all your returns (since we began Web Returns). You'll see any returns you have, their status and dates.

Coming Soon returns

You'll see returns that will be available in just a few days listed as Coming Soon. These are just to let you know they are coming

Available returns are yours to start the process of submitting

For any Available returns you'll be able to click on the Return ID number to open the Web Returns entry page for that return.

Look at the detail of a Submitted or Posted return

Once a return is submitted it cannot be worked on. But you can view the detail of what you entered and submitted by clicking on the Return ID number of a return that is Submitted or Posted. You will see a similar screen to the entry screen but will not be able to change any information.

Sort columns

As you begin to build a history of your returns you can always sort a column by clicking the up and down arrows at the top of the column. Clicking a second time will reverse the sorting order.