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New Scan Features Added Nov 2013

We now track the UPCs you are scanning during a session

Each time you open up a return to work on it we will track and show the UPCs as you scan them just below the Scan Card UPC field. When you close the return without Submitting it that list will be cleared. This is just to help you see where you are with scanning UPCs.

Each successful scan of a UPC shows up with a qty of 1

Scanning a UPC in this return will add 1 to the correct price point and show up in the UPC scan list with a qty of 1

Right after you scan the UPC and it shows up in the list you can do more with it:

    • You can press + or – to change the quantity up or down by 1
    • OR you can type the letter P repeatedly to increase the quantity by the package count of a card. So if there are 3 cards in a package the count will go to 3, then 6, etc.
    • OR you can also type in the quantity field next to the UPC to change the quantity that way
    • These quantities will continue to update the corresponding price points as they are adjusted

Only the UPC at the top of the list can have the qty changed 

Once you move on to the next UPC we lock down the previous UPC so you won't get confused and be changing UPC qtys on the UPC scan list.

You can delete any UPC on the scan list and delete out the corresponding price point qty

You can scroll up and down the UPC scan list and click any X on the side of the UPC to delete it out of the list and reduce the corresponding price point quantity accordingly. This is to help if you mistakenly miss-key a UPC qty.

The UPC scan list and your price point qtys may not always match.

Remember that you can adjust price point quantities independent of the UPC list. And price point quantities are what your return is calculated and submitted on. And we only show you the scan list for the session you are in. The UPC scan list is only a tool to help you keep track of current scanning. Nothing more.