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Flex Returns

Flex Returns are unique

DaySpring provides Flex Lines, or small Product Lines to fill the gap or flex into the spaces that you have between seasons or when smaller seasons are up. We can do a couple of returns for this product during the year. Our largest is in the fall.

Keeps and Returns

DaySpring does the work to figure out what you need to fill your card space and what are our best performing Flex lines are. As a result we may instruct you to keep some lines to help you fill in space coming up or in the next season. Instructions for what lines to keep will appear on the right side of a Web Return Entry page in the Returns Details section.

Multiple smaller Product Lines

Please notice that each Flex line and its price points are listed separately and need to be entered separately. Scanning barcodes will allow our program to do the sorting for you and will increase Return Qtys in the correct line and price point.