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Timing of your payment

You can make a payment 24/7

Web Payments are a part of the Retailer Website which is designed to be available 24/7 year around. (Except for needed maintenance.)

We start to process payments at 2 PM Central on business days

Any unprocessed payments made before 2 PM Central time will be picked up in our process. Any payments made on the site after 2 PM Central time WILL NOT be processed that day. Actual finish and posting time may vary but the deadline is fixed. Payments made on weekends, holidays or other non-business days will be picked up on the next working business day.

Avoiding late fee penalties

Please keep the above schedule in mind when making payments that are close to a due date. A payment must be made before 2 Pm Central on a DaySpring working business day to be posted and considered paid on that day. If a payment does not make that deadline it is eligible for any applicable late fees.