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3 ways to add an item

Add any currently shipping item to an order

Web Orders is designed to let you order Active and New current items from DaySpring. (Be advised that this may be a different for each Retailer.)

Option 1: Click on a pocket location button on the right or bottom of your screen

*NEW NOV 14*: The location buttons will appear by default on the right side of the screen but will move to the bottom for smaller screens. Use the drop down menu to pick one of the controlled systems (has a grid) of DaySpring products in your store. By default it will show your Everyday Counter system  and fixture A if you have one. By clicking on a location it will add it to your order and you'll see the item show up at the top of the list under the dark blue header.

Option 2: Type in a pocket location, 5 digit prime or 12 digit UPC

*NEW NOV 14* on the top left of the screen is a field marked Loc/Prime/UPC. By typing any of the above types of product identification and hitting enter, you'll add the item to your order. Remember a pocket location is the BEST way to enter an item.

Option 3: Use a scanner to scan a barcode

You can place your cursor in the field marked Loc/Prime/UPC and scan a UPC on a product, a barcode on the reorder ticket behind a product or a barcode in a catalog. Once it's scanned, the item will be added to your order if it is a currently shipping item.